You're the One is a TV talent show hosted by Simon Cowbell. The winner receives a holiday to Italy and a recording contract, similar to that of shows like Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor.


In Postman Pat The Movie, When Edwin Carbunkle cancels his bonus, Pat goes to auditions held in Greendale to win a holiday to Italy for Sara. Pat's singing voice sends him straight to the finals in London, pitting him against the dancer Josh. After hearing of Pat's singing ability, Wilf is intent on training Josh to beat Pat.

Pat is away from Greendale most of the time practicing for the final and becomes a national celebrity. Everyone loves him, bar the villagers, who believe that Pat is causing trouble in his van, unaware that he has been replaced by the PATBOT 3000 which Edwin Carbunkle plans to later use to sabotage the final. However, after Pat leaves for London, Greendale evenutally find out through Ben what Mr Carbunkle's plans are and immediately head to the finals to show their surport.

When Mr Carbunkle reveals his true plan to Pat, in London, Pat attempts to speak out against him, only to be imprisoned. However after Jess has seen one of the Patbots being deactivated, he goes to London to resuce Pat. With Jess's help, Pat manages to stop the show. Pat gives a speech to the audience, telling them that he has made a terrible mistake in his own plans. Sara, Julian and the Greendale villagers arrive at the auditorium just in time to hear Pat admit that he cannot sing if his wife is not there as he only auditioned for her. Before Pat can complete his sentence, Sara calls his name to attract his attention. Upon seeing Sara and Julian standing in the crowd, Pat gives his final performance and wins the flight tickets for the honeymoon in Italy.

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