This article is about the episode. For the Red Rocket vehicle itself, see The Red Rocket.
The Red Rocket
Air Date 11th November 2008
Previous Bernie the Parrot
Next A Disco Machine
The Red Rocket is episode twenty-two of Postman Pat Season 6. It was first shown on Tuesday 11th November 2008 and written by Gerard Foster.


Ted is entering his rocket in the Pencaster Flying Machine Challenge.




  • Greendale
  • Thompson Ground
  • Pencaster
  • Sorting Office
  • Ted's Garage
  • Market Square
  • Harbour
  • Town Hall
  • Pencaster Station
  • The Island
  • River Penn


  • Lewis MacLeod as Pat and Ben
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess
  • Janet James as Julian, Lucy and Lauren
  • Carole Boyd as Mrs. Goggins, Sarah and Charlie
  • Angela Griffin as Lizzy
  • Ken Barrie as Ted, Alf, P.C. Selby and the Countdown Sequence Voice
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill, Ajay and Michael
  • Archie Panjabi as Meera


  • This episode features the "Rocking Rocket Man" song.
  • The rocket's back wheels are LEGO wheels.


  • The episode's title is a little misleading as only the rocket's nose cone is red.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Pat is driving PAT 4 even though at this point he has not got a special delivery, so he should really be driving PAT 1.
  • Throughout the episode, the body of water in Pencaster keeps on being referred to as a lake even though it is part of the River Penn.
  • When Ted arrives at the harbour, Lizzy has Meera's voice.
  • Pat says "Hold on, Jess." and "Ready, Arthur." without moving his lips.
  • When Pat cries "Help!", he is smiling.
  • When Bill says "It's nearly 5 o'clock.", his body language indicates that he is pointing to a watch on his wrist, even though he clearly does not have one at all.
  • The shot that we see through Lizzy's binoculars is the same one where Pat agrees to do the challenge for Ted.
  • Throughout some of the scenes at the harbour, many of the characters' voices are mixed up when they are all talking at once.
  • The challenge is supposed to be done in a minute and it is indicated that Pat manages to do it with a second to spare, but realistically Pat takes two minutes and seven seconds.


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