Simon Cowbell
Occupation: Television Personality
Hair colour: Black

Simon Cowbell is a talent show judge and television personality.


Simon Cowbell is best known as the head judge of television talent show "You're the One".

He once held the auditions for the next series of "You're the One" in Greendale. He along with Greendale residents, the Reverend Timms and Dorothy Thompson judged the talents of the various other locals hoping for the chance to be on the show. Sadly Simon was not impressed with the standards of most of the entries, that was until Pat was thrusted onto the stage by his son Julian and blew him away with his wonderful singing voice.


Simon Cowbell is very judgemental and maticulous, he knows talent when he sees it. So Pat blew Simon away with his singing voice, his good natured side shone through.


Simon Cowbell is the "You're the One" head judge.


Simon Cowbell will appear in Postman Pat the Movie.


  • Robin Atkin Downes


  • His character is heavily based on the real live talent show judge, Simon Cowell who is best known for judging in shows like "Pop Idol", "The X Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent".


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