Postman Pat title screen
Season 5

Chris Taylor


Owen Ballhatchet

Music by

Bryan Daly (title music)
Simon Woodgate at
Echobass Studios

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Postman Pat's Great Big Party

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Season 6

The fifth season of Postman Pat television series aired in 2006.


  1. Postman Pat and the Bollywood Dance - Meera Bains and Sarah Gilbertson are going to do a Bollywood dance at the school.
  2. Postman Pat and the Stolen Strawberries - Their is a strawberry thief at Thompson Ground.
  3. Postman Pat and the Pot of Gold - Pat and the other parents in Greendale paint a rainbow on the school wall.
  4. Postman Pat and the Greendale Knights - Julian, Meera, Bill and Lucy are playing knight's in Pat's garden.
  5. Postman Pat and the Fantastic Feast Pat and friends stand in for Chef Olivier.
  6. Postman Pat Gets Stuck - Pat gets stuck in hollow tree.
  7. Postman Pat and the Incredible Inventions - The Clifton family move in with Ted Glen.
  8. Postman Pat and the Go-Kart Race - Alf, Arthur and Ajay cheat in the go-kart race.
  9. Postman Pat's Pet Rescue - Julian pretends to be ill.
  10. Postman Pat's Pony Post -  Pat delivers the post on Pumpkin.
  11. Postman Pat's Clifftop Adventure - Bessie gets stuck on a cliff edge.
  12. Postman Pat and the Lost Property - Julian and Meera decide to set up their own lost property office.
  13. Postman Pat and the Talking Cat - Julian and Charlie trick everyone into thinking Jess can talk.
  14. Postman Pat and the Hedgehog Hideaway - A hedgehog is found in Mrs. Goggins' garden.
  15. Postman Pat Never Gives Up - Pat has to make a large delivery in crate to Amy.
  16. Postman Pat and the Double Disguise - Katy and Tom disguise themselves as a grown-up.
  17. Postman Pat's Cat Calamity - Jess gets stuck up a tree.
  18. Postman Pat and the Popular Policeman - P.C. Selby is thinking of leaving Greendale.
  19. Postman Pat's Noisy Day - Pat organises a new form of orchestra at the school.
  20. Postman Pat and the Disappearing Bear - Pat rediscovers his old teddy bear.
  21. Postman Pat and the Cranky Cows - Mrs. Pottage's cows are feeling home sick for Scotland.
  22. Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure - Pat, Ted and the Reverend get stranded in the middle of the river.
  23. Postman Pat's Holiday Hobbies - Pat does not know what hobby to take up whilst he has no post to deliver.
  24. Postman Pat and the Grumpy Pony - Pumpkin is in a rather grumpy mood.
  25. Postman Pat's Fun Run - Bill accidentally breaks Dorothy's clock so he cheats in the fun run.
  26. Postman Pat's Spy Mission - Ted sprains his ankle, so Pat does his jobs for him.
  27. Postman Pat's Ice'Capade - The car park at the station has frozen over.
  28. Postman Pat's Christmas Eve - The school children are doing "Cinderella" for their Christmas pantomime.


Characters introducedEdit


  • PAT 1
  • PAT 2
  • The Red Tractor
  • The Greendale Rocket
  • Ted's Lorry
  • The Panda Car
  • SYLVIA 1
  • VET 1
  • Ajay's Motorbike


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted, Alf, the Reverend Timms, P.C. Selby and Mr. Pringle
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess and Bonnie
  • Carole Boyd as Sara Clifton, Mrs. Goggins, Dorothy, Mrs. Pottage, Doctor Gilbertson, Sarah Gilbertson and Charlie
  • Janet James as Julian and Lucy
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill, Tom and Ajay
  • Archie Panjabi as Katy, Nisha and Meera
  • Angela Griffin as Amy


  • Postman Pat
  • What's in his Bag
  • The Rainbow Colours
  • Every Colour
  • The Greendale Knights
  • Cooking (Cuisine)
  • Ted Glen
  • What We Really Want
  • The Police Car Song
  • The Siren Song
  • Ode to P.C. Selby
  • Follow the Music


  • For some unknown reason, the first half of this season if often counted as Season 7 and the second half is counted as Season 8, even though each episode comes directly after each other each week day.
  • This season introduces Angela Griffin to the cast.
  • Anji Kreft gets credited in some episodes, but she has never been known to play a part in the show.
  • This is the last season of the normal Postman Pat series, before it earned the subtitle "Special Delivery Service".
  • This is the last season where Ken Barrie voices Pat. Lewis MacLeod takes over in the follow season.
  • This is the last season to feature Jeff Pringle and the Pottage family. Mrs. Pottage is however mentioned later on in Postman Pat the Movie.
  • This is the last season to use model aerial shots.