Scottish Highland Cattle
Residence: Greendale
Breed: Red Highland Cattle/Aberdeen Angus Cattle
Owners: Julia Pottage
Alf Thompson

Scottish Highland Cattle are a very popular choice of live stock for the farmers in Greendale, particually the red breed. Sometimes they can get quite homesick for their old scottich homes, so they are always happy to hear the sound of bagpipes being played for them.


is one of Alf Thompson's highland cows, which he order with the Special Delivery Service. She was meant to be transported by PAT 2, but she ran away and got stuck on the cliff edge of Greendale Crag, so Pat and Amy had to rescue her with PAT 3.


She appears as most red Highland Cattle, but has collar with a daisy crest attached.



  • She was Pat's first special delivery.


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