SCHOOL 1, formally PAT 2, is Greendale Primary School's minibus.

At first it was the Post Office's post bus and Pat used it to deliver passengers as well as mail. He first used it to give Granny Dryden, Miss Hubbard, Ted Glen and the Reverend Timms a trip up to Ingledale.

Once PAT 1 broke down, so Pat had to use the post bus until Ted fixed it. Then when Ted's robot postman started to malfunction, he and Pat took the bus to try and catch up with it.

One day, the post bus was used for mystery tour with the children of Greendale School. The School would use the bus quite often and soon became their own official transport. By this time, the Royal Mail post buses had gone out of fashion and the school needed transport for an up-and-coming camping trip. So Pat, Mr. Pringle and the children went to find the disused bus, fix it up and repaint it in a fresh new coat of yellow paint. Since then, the bus has been Greendale School's personal transport to this day.


As the post bus, it was painted red like PAT 1. When it became the school's minibus, it was repainted yellow with two black stripes along the side like the school buses in America.


  • The bus continued to depict its PAT 2 number plate until Season 6.
  • It is likely to be based on an LDV Convoy.