Read Along with Postman Pat is a educational special released on VHS in 1994 and later on DVD. The release features two storybook stories originally written by John Cunliffe which were adapted for the programme by Carol Watson.


One day Pat tells the Reverend Timms the story of how he could not sleep for a whole week. Another day Pat also tells Peter Fogg how once three of his wishes nearly came true.

Pat's StoriesEdit

  • Postman Pat's Sleepy Days
  • Postman Pat's Three Wishes


  • Pat
  • Jess
  • Sara
  • Ted
  • The Reverend Timms
  • Mrs. Pottage
  • Tom
  • Lucy
  • Doctor Gilbertson
  • Miss Hubbard
  • Granny Dryden
  • Peter Fogg
  • Peter Fogg's Dog
  • Julian (does not speak)
  • Katy (does not speak)


  • PAT 1


  • Pat's House
  • The Vicarage
  • Greendale Farm
  • Granny Dryden's Cottage
  • The Church
  • Miss Hubbard's Cottage (garden only)


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted, the Reverend, Granny Dryden, Peter and the Main Narrator
  • Carole Boyd as Sara, Mrs. Pottage, Tom, Lucy, Doctor Gilbertson and Miss Hubbard


  • Although most of the narrative in this programme is done by Pat, there are some points during Pat's stories where Carole Boyd narrates.
  • When Pat says that the wine made his tummy rumble and woke him and Sara up, he was already awake long before her. Also, no rumbling sound of Pat's tummy is heard.

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