Residence: Greendale
Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony
Owners: Amy Wrigglesworth

Pumpkin is Amy Wrigglesworth's pet pony.


Pumpkin often gives rides to the children of Greendale, but sometimes Amy lets Pat ride him if any of his vehicles break down.

Sometimes he is so powerful that Amy often uses him for big rescue situations. 


He is usually good natured, but their are times when can rather grumpy and stubborn if you does not get what he wants. Like most horses he can be easily frightened, so everyone around him most be careful or he may run off and cause trouble.


He occassionally has a job in giving rides to children.


  • Season 5 - Postman Pat's Pony Post, Postman Pat Never Gives Up, Postman Pat and the Double Disguise, Postman Pat and the Disappearing Bear, Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure, Postman Pat and the Grumpy Pony and Postman Pat's Christmas Eve
  • Season 6 - A Runaway Cow, Crazy Robots (mentioned), Fruit Bats, Precious Eggs, Naughty Pumpkin, A Movie Feast, A Super Magnet, A Treehouse (cameo), Green Rabbit, A Disco Machine, A Giant Cake and The Flying Christmas Stocking
  • Season 7 - Postman Pat and Cowboy Colin, Postman Pat and the Runaway Bees, Postman Pat and the Train Station Window (mentioned), Postman Pat and the Chinese Dragon, Postman Pat and the Amazing Weather Machine, Postman Pat and the Sticky Situation, Postman Pat and the Great Greendale Website and Postman Pat and the Christmas Panto Horse
  • Season 8 - Postman Pat and the Blue Flash, Postman Pat and the Clippy Claws and Postman Pat and the Bucking Bronco

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