Postman Pat takes Flight
Air Date 12th June 1996 (UK)
5th September 1997 (Australia)
Previous Postman Pat and the Robot
Next Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale
Postman Pat takes Flight is the eleventh episode of the second series which was broadcast on the 12th June 1996. It was written by John Cunliffe.


The Major Forbes prepares for a film show about his balloon flights across the world. When Pat arrives at Garner Hall, the Major asks Pat to climb onto the roof, untangle the string and cast him off into the sky. Unfortunately it sets off with Pat still clinging to the basket up and up and away!



  • PAT 1
  • The Yellow Tractor
  • Major Forbes' Hot Air Balloon


  • Post Office
  • Greendale School
  • The Vicarage
  • Miss Hubbard's Cottage
  • Garner Hall
  • The Church (mentioned)


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted Glen, Alf Thompson, the Reverend Timms, Mr. Pringle, Major Forbes and the Main Narrator
  • Carole Boyd as Dorothy Thompson, Bill Thompson, Mrs. Pottage, Katy and Tom Pottage, Lucy Selby, Sarah Gilbertson and Miss Hubbard


  • When the balloon flies over the post office, its sign is missing.


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