Postman Pat and the Tuba
Air Date 29th May 1995 (UK)
25th June 1996 (Australia)
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Postman Pat and the Tuba is a half hour special which was broadcast on the 29th May 1995. This episode was written by John Cunliffe from a storyline devised by Ivor Wood.

Plot Edit

At the post office, Granny Dryden tells Mrs. Goggins to tell Pat to go to her house. When Pat arrives, he goes into the attic and finds a tuba. He blows into it, giving Granny Dryden a fright. Pat then goes to Ted Glen's workshop. He gives a blow into the tuba and nearly gives Ted Glen a headache. Ted puts rags down the tuba and Pat goes to deliver more letters. But his van won't start. Ted takes Pat in his lorry to the post office so Pat can take the post bus. On the way, Pat blows into his tuba, frightning residents including P.C. Selby, who crashes into a dustbin on his bike.

They reach the post office and Pat takes the bus. He practises his tuba again at Thompson Ground, which frightens Dorothy Thompson so much that she runs out of the farm house carrying a pitch fork. Pat decides it's probably best to practise somewhere where he can't frighten anyone. He stops by a tree to practice, where he naps and has a dream that he is a player in the band. After he wakes up, he blows into his tuba, not knowing that Miss Hubbard's garden is just behind the hedge, causing her to cut her tulips. Pat delivers the letters to Miss Hubbard, who asks about the noise. Pat says he doesn't know and leaves.

That night, P.C. Selby goes out to make some inquires. At the church, he and the Reverend Timms hear the noise of Pat's tuba and the two search the churchyard until they find him and discover that he is responsible for the strange noises. P.C. Selby asks what he's doing and realises that Pat is doing no harm. The Reverend suggests Pat should learn to play the tuba and Major Forbes can teach him. Soon, the village fete comes. Ted puts on the Reverend's record player, but it dies out. Granny Dryden becomes dissapointed. But Pat has an idea. The friends go to Miss Hubbards house and get her piano. Peter Fogg joins them. Then Pat and the other residents play in the band conducted by Major Forbes.

Characters Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • PAT 1
  • PAT 2
  • Ted's Lorry
  • The Yellow Tractor
  • P.C. Selby's bicycle
  • Miss Hubbard's bicycle
  • Peter Fogg's motorbike
  • The Reverend Timms' bicycle (mentioned)

Locations Edit

  • Post Office
  • Ted Glenn's Workshop
  • Greendale School
  • The Church
  • Thompson Ground
  • Miss Hubbard's Cottage
  • Granny Dryden's Cottage
  • Garner Hall

Cast Edit

  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted Glen, Alf Thompson, the Reverend Timms, P.C. Selby, Granny Dryden, Peter Fogg, Major Forbes and the Main Narrator
  • Carole Boyd as Mrs. Goggins, Dorothy Thompson, Mrs. Pottage, Charlie Pringle and Miss Hubbard

Trivia Edit

  • This is the Official Introduction of Jeff Pringle.
  • This episode features the Proper Sound song.
  • This episode marks the introduction of the "jazz-style" opening music, which was to be used throughout Series 2, as well as the 1994 specials.
  • The tune playing on the old record player before it blew a valve was the instrumental of "Proper Sound".

Goofs Edit

  • Mrs. Pottage does not speak in her normal voice at the beginning.
  • When Pat arrives at Granny Dryden's cottage, he leaves Jess inside the van. Later, Jess is seen inside Granny Dryden's cottage.
  • Pat says it's so dark up in Granny Dryden's attic that he won't be able to see a thing without a torch, even though there is a big blaze of light coming in through a skylight in the roof.
  • P.C. Selby should have remembered to take his helmet off before he went into the church.
  • Alf anounces that the "Knock-the-Hat-Off" stall costs five pence for three balls, but one of the three dummies has not got a hat and he only gives Charlie two balls for the only two dummies that do have hats.
  • At various points, the narrator changes from past tence to present tence.
  • In real life, it would be illegal for Pat to ride in the back of Ted's lorry.
  • Pat does not take the post with him on the way to collect the post bus.
  • Pat arrives in Miss Hubbard's garden with her parcel within seconds of playing the tuba on top of the hill in the field next to her house.
  • At the end of the episode, before and when everyone plays the "Proper Sound" song, Ted's music note table keeps switching from his right to in front of him.

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