Postman Pat and the Train Station Window
Air Date 20th February 2013
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Postman Pat and the Train Station Window is the eighth episode of Postman Pat Series 7. It was first broadcast on Wednesday 20th February 2013 and was written by Karen Hellewell and Annika Bluhm.


Pat has to deliver a new window for the railway station in Pencaster.



  • PAT 1
  • PAT 2
  • PAT 3
  • PAT 6
  • SCHOOL 1
  • The Greendale Rocket
  • The Pencaster Flyer
  • The Panda Car


  • Greendale
  • Pat's House
  • Greendale Primary School
  • Post Office
  • Greendale Station
  • The Church
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Ted's Mill
  • The Vets
  • Pencaster
  • Sorting Office
  • Pencaster Station
  • Ted's Garage
  • Pencaster Town Hall
  • Pencaster Market Place
  • Pencaster Harbour


  • Lewis MacLeod as Pat and Ben
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess
  • Janet James as Julian, Lauren and Lucy
  • Angela Griffin as Lizzy
  • Bradley Clarkson as Ted and P.C. Selby
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill and Ajay
  • Archie Panjabi as Meera
  • Carole Boyd as Sarah and Charlie


  • This is the first time in the series that the French language is referenced.
  • Ajay and Ted make a reference to the Chuckle Brothers with their "To me", "To you" gag.


  • Pat and Ben should have spotted the crack in the window before it was attached to the helicopter again.
  • In real life, it would have taken much longer for Ted to take his Wonder Windscreen Maker to Pencaster Station and set it up on the platform.
  • Ajay should know by now that it is up to Pat to decide if a Special Delivery Service mission is accomplished or not.
  • Ben should not decide that a mission is not accomplished until they can be actually sure that there is no other way.
  • It was not explained what was wrong with the old station window for it to need to be replaced.