Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers
Air Date 26th December 1991 (UK)
24th December 1993 (Australia)
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Next Postman Pat and the Tuba

Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers is a half hour special which was broadcast on the 26th December 1991. It was written by John Cunliffe.


There has been a robbery at Garner Hall and the Major Forbes' toy soldiers have been stolen. Pat calls around the same time to deliver a parcel with some new toy soldiers, but leaves the wrong parcels and when he goes for a picnic lunch, he has the toy soldiers. When he arrives back at Garner Hall, PC Selby says his sandwiches are evidence.



  • PAT 1
  • The Yellow Tractor
  • The Red Tractor
  • Ted's Lorry
  • P.C. Selby's bicycle
  • Miss Hubbard's bicycle
  • Peter Fogg's motorbike
  • The Plough


  • Pat's House
  • Post Office
  • Thompson Ground
  • Greendale School
  • Garner Hall
  • Intake Farm


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted Glenn, Alf Thompson, the Reverend Timms, P.C. Selby, Major Forbes, George Lancaster and the Main Narrator
  • Carole Boyd as Sarah Clifton, Julian Clifton, Mrs. Goggins, Dorothy Thompson and Miss Hubbard

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final episode to use the original version of the theme song.
  • The scene where Postman Pat waves everyone in the ABC for Kids Video Promos from 1993-1997.


  • Alf says "It's not my fault, it's this lorry." with a western accent.
  • The narrator changes tenses in some places.
  • P.C. Selby says that Ted's lorry's headlight is broken, but it never really gets fixed in later episodes.
  • Pat says as his lunch looks like a parcel, he'd better not put it in someone's letter box by mistake, but it's so big, he couldn't have put it in a letter box if he tried.
  • Jess is back inside the house with Pat having another lunch, but we don't even see him leave the van or see Pat carry him into the house.
  • If Pat was letting Jess through the gate of his garden, we would have seen Jess' tail sticking up as he goes through.
  • The narrator states that Alf is helping Ted load wood onto his lorry, but they're actually unloading it.
  • At Intake Farm, it's no wonder Jess runs off, as Pat just leaves his van door wide open when he goes to find George, which is a mistake he made before in "Postman Pat's Thirsty Day" and earlier on in this episode at Thompson Ground. Of all the places to leave the van door open, a farm is not the best place, any one of the animals could have got in and caused problems.
  • Any article, let alone the one about the reward for rescuing the Major's toy soldiers, would not get into a newspaper that quickly.
  • The rest of the village should known about Ted's lorry as he mentioned having it in the previous episode.
  • Alf had too much hay on his trailer at the beginning which could cause an accident if it fell off, so it should have been tied neatly down in bales.
  • There is only one toy soldier in the Major's parcel.


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