Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour
Air Date 10th April 1996 (UK)
25th August 1997 (Australia)
Previous Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road
Next Postman Pat in a Muddle

Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour is the second episode of the second series which was broadcast on 10th April 1996. This episode was written by John Cunliffe.


Garner Hall is opening to the public, but Miss Hubbard is having trouble organising the story of the house when the diary of Granny Dryden's grandfather is lacking excitement. Ted is restoring the suit of armour and then decides try it on. But he then gets stuck inside and he can't see where he's going. He crashes about the hall, with Pat chasing after him. The chase soon brings up a big surprise for Miss Hubbard.




  • Post Office
  • Ted Glenn's Workshop
  • Miss Hubbard's Cottage
  • Granny Dryden's Cottage
  • Garner Hall


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted Glen, Granny Dryden, Major Forbes and the Main Narrator
  • Carole Boyd as Mrs. Goggins and Miss Hubbard


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