Postman Pat and the Sneaky Sheep
Air Date 22nd March 2005
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Postman Pat and the Sneaky Sheep is the nineteenth episode of Postman Pat Season 4. It was written by Rebecca Stevens.

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In the village of Greendale, the Green is covered in dandelions, the children are bored and all the adults are busy doing their Saturday chores. Julian and Charlie decide to help with the chores and get the other children involved to form 'The Saturday Club'. The children split into groups to do the various jobs, but something keeps destroying all their efforts.

In each place they find sheep's wool, so Pat and the children go to Thompson Ground to investigate. Meanwhile, P.C. Selby and Ajay hold a stakeout at the school to catch the vandels.

It turns out that Alf Thompson's sheep have been escaping by rolling over the cattle grid, so he and the others set out to round up them up. They are then put to work on the village green to eat up all the dandelions.

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  • In the first shot, the carriages of the Greendale Rocket are standing in the station without their engine.
  • In the scenes on the Green, P.C. Selby's moustache seems to be more bushy.