Postman Pat and the Seaside Special
Air Date 13th March 2013
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Postman Pat and the Seaside Special is the 13th episode of Season 7. It was written by Gerard Foster and Annika Bluhm.

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Postman Pat and his family are planning on catching the train for the Seaside Special. However, Pat gets a phone call to do a special delivery of Mrs. Goggin's handbag.

A wild goose chase then ensues as both Mrs. Goggins and Pat chase after one another. Along the way Mrs. Goggins looses more things, including her suitcase and Bonnie. Pat is eventually able to return her stuff.

Pat then takes Mrs. Goggins and Bonnie to Pencaster by helicopter so that they can be all board the Greendale Rocket for the Seaside Special.

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  • The BBC iPlayer description of this episode mistakingly refers to the Greendale Rocket as the Greendale Flyer.
  • In an aeral shot of Greendale as Ajay says "Tickets for the Seaside Special.", Ted's Mill and Workshop are missing.
  • Doctor Gilbertson says "So it is!" in Julian's voice.