Postman Pat and the Runaway Train
Air Date 9th March 2005
Previous Postman Pat and the Pink Slippers
Next Postman Pat and the Pet Show
Postman Pat and the Runaway Train is episode nine of Postman Pat Season 4. It was written by George Tarry.

Summary Edit

One day at Greendale station, the Reverend Timms accidentally started the Greendale Rocket's cab without Ajay on board.

P.C. Selby and Postman Pat chased after the train in the police car and relay the instructions on how to stop the train. Meanwhile, Jeff Pringle and Ajay Bains chased after the train on the pump trolley.

Due to miscommunication, the Reverend Timms made the steam train speed up, and then reversed backwards. Postman Pat eventually jumped on board, and the train was safely brought back to the station again.

Characters Edit

Vehicles Edit

Locations Edit

  • Greendale Station
  • Pencaster Station (Mentioned)
  • Pencaster Cinema (Mentioned)

Cast Edit

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