Postman Pat and the Pet Show
Air Date 9th March 2005
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Postman Pat and the Pet Show is the tenth episode of the fourth season. It was written by Diane Redmond.

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Greendale is holding a pet show for all the children. Everyone except Sarah Gilbertson has a pet to bring, until she jumps in and takes charge of Jess against Julian's will. Sarah's poor pet handling soon makes Jess go missing and she and the others have to try and find him. Jess is eventually found and wins a special prize as Julian's pet for helping so many people that day.

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  • At the beginning of the episode, PAT 1 is missing its rear numberplate.
  • When Sarah Gilbertson wipes her eyes, you can see the ends of her wrists.
  • At first Mrs. Goggins has no eyebrows, but she suddenly regains them when Pat leaves the Post Office.
  • There are a few points during the episode where Jess can be seen in Pat's van, when he is supposed to be running away from Sarah. At one point, Jess can even be seen on Julian's lap as he and Pat are calling for him in the van.
  • When Lucy shows Blob to Jess, Sarah's reflection in the fish bowl can be seen passing by, even though she had already gone away by this point.
  • When Pat tells the Reverend Timms to speak up, the end of his arm can be seen showing slightly from his sleeve.