Postman Pat and the Identical Cats
Air Date 19th February 2013
Previous Postman Pat and the Runaway Bees
Next Postman Pat and the Train Station Window
Postman Pat and the Identical Cats is the seventh episode of Postman Pat Season 7. It was written by Rebecca Stevens.

Summary Edit

Postman Pat has to deliver Dr. Gilbertson's sister's cat, Bess, as part of the Special Delivery Service. Bess looks exactly the same as Jess, so when she escapes everyone in Pencaster and Greendale thinks that she is Jess. This is not good for Jess as the two have very different personalities.

Bess is unwilling to come down from a lamp post, which she has climbed up to escape Bonnie and has to be rescued by Pat in the SDS Helicopter.

In delivering Bess, there is a mix up in communication with Dr. Gilbertson, but she is eventually delivered in time.

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  • Pat's use of the term "Doctor Gilbertson I presume" is reference to the famous moment when Henry Morton Stanley met up with David Livingstone on November 10th, 1871 and greeted him with the famous quote "Doctor Livingstone I presume."


  • Mrs. Goggins says she is not in the post office today and is inquisitive about why Pat is working because it is Saturday, even though in real life postal services still work on Saturdays.
  • Some shots of Pat preparing to take the helicopter were animated by Cosgrove Hall.


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