Postman and the Hedgehog Hideaway
Air Date 28th February 2006
Previous Postman Pat and the Talking Cat
Next Postman Pat Never Gives Up
Postman Pat and the Hedgehog Hideaway is the fourteenth episode of Postman Pat Season 5. It was written by Rebecca Stevens.

Summary Edit

Sara goes away overnight to visit her sister Vicky and Pat and Julian have to cope on their own. Pat forgets his keys to the house, picks up the wrong sandwiches for lunch and creates chaos trying to make pancakes for supper.

Mrs Goggins discovers that a hedgehog is stealing Bonnie’'s food. Pat and Amy take the hedgehog out into the countryside and set it free. The next morning Pat and Julian stop in at the Post Office and Julian discovers that the hedgehog has returned overnight with her babies.

All by themselves together, Pat and Julian build a special little house for the hedgehogs to live in, just before Sara returns home.

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  • When Mr. Pringle says "Bye" to Pat, the timing on the lip movements is very late.
  • Pat should have realised that he had Julian's lunch by the stickers on the lid of the box.
  • In two shots as PAT 1 stands outside Pat's house, its rear number plate is missing. What is more, between the two shots, the van suddenly moves from standing in front of the house to being parked round the side of it.


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