Postman Pat and the Grumpy Pony
Air Date 14th March 2006
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Postman Pat and the Grumpy Pony is the twenty-fourth episode of Postman Pat Season 5. It was written by Diane Redmond.

Summary Edit

Pat and Ted are planning on going fishing. However, beforehand Ted must fix Amy's Horsebox.

Meanwhile Amy takes Meera for a ride on Pumpkin. Pumpkin is behaving badly because he is meant to be on a diet. As a result he eats Reverend Timms roses and apples from the tree. While walking past the river, Pumpkin refuses to go past for a dislike of water. Pat then arrives and agrees to fetch Ted and the Horsebox

When he arrives at The Mill, Pat can't find Ted and he is wearing earmuffs so cannot hear Pat's calls. Pat then decides to take the Horsebox to Amy without Ted. In doing so he traps Ted in the Horsebox and it is still not fixed. The Horsebox then becomes loose of the Lorry, and rolls away in the opposite direction.

It eventually arrives where Pumpkin and the others are and Ted is not hurt. Ted is able to fix the toolbox, however Pumpkin won't get onboard. Eventually Hay entices Pumpkin to get in the Horebox.

Characters Edit

Vehicles Edit

Location Edit

Cast Edit

Goofs Edit

  • The Horsebox would not travel that far or fast on such a flat, bumpy road

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