Postman Pat and the Disappearing Bear
Air Date 8th March 2006
Previous Postman Pat's Noisy Day
Next Postman Pat and the Cranky Cows
Postman Pat and the Disappearing Bear is the twentieth episode of Postman Pat Season 5. It was written by Polly Churchill.

Summary Edit

Pat finds his old childhood bear, Billy, in the attic. He then allows Julian to take Billy to school where he swaps it with Charlie's magnifying glass.

Charlie then loses Billy, but Katy and Tom find him again and swap him with Sarah Gilbertson for a rope. Sarah then loses the bear, but it is then found by Alf Thompson. The Bear then gets moved again and is found by Ted Glen.

Pat and Julian travel to each of the places Billy had been to get him back. He is eventually found in the Station cafe, where Ted has given him to Nikhil.

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  • The mug seen on the kitchen table is a stage prop from Cosgrove Hall's other production that was made for the BBC called "Noddy's Toyland Adventures".


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