Postman Pat and the Booming Bagpipes
Air Date 11th March 2013
Previous Postman Pat and Meera's Gecko
Next Postman Pat and the Scarecrow
Postman Pat and the Booming Bagpipes is the eleventh episode of Postman Pat Season 7. It was first broadcast on Monday 11th March 2013. It was written by Karen Hellewell and Annika Bluhm.

Summary Edit

Pat has to deliver a set of Bagpipes to Mrs. Goggins from her sister in Scotland. Along the way he finds he is able to help various members of the community using his own delivery.

The loud noise made is able to help Ted Glen find his keys, shoo birds in the Market Square, and open the door on the train.

Meanwhile the children are unable to find a game to play until Mrs. Goggins suggests 'Noisy Hide and Seek'.

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  • Pat should not need to ask Ben what bagpipes are as he delivered a set once before in "Postman Pat and the Cranky Cows".
  • When Mrs. Goggins starts playing the bagpipes, Pat is on Julian's left, but in the next shot, Meera and Lizzy are.


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