This article is about the Video. For the Audio Cassette with the same title, see Postman Pat 2 (Audio Dramatization).

Postman Pat 2 is a VHS release of Postman Pat. It was released on 3rd November 1986 (the same date as Postman Pat 1 and Postman Pat 3) by BBC Video, and was re-released in 1996 on Postman Pat - 2 on 1.


Trivia Edit

  • The second of only three Postman Pat videos that were released on the same day to feature the BBC Video 1981-1988 Ident.
  • The videocover of Postman Pat 2 got new packaging for a re-released edition in 1992.
  • The tape of Postman Pat 2 got repackaged in 1993 with the BBC Video 1991-1997 Ident, a BBC Video slide with four other Postman Pat titles that are also available and different footage for the episodes (with title logos at the start of each episode) on that video.


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