Postman Pat's Spy Mission
Air Date 16th March 2006
Previous Postman Pat's Fun Run
Next Postman Pat's Ice'Capade
Postman Pat's Spy Mission is the twenty-sixth episode of Postman Pat Season 5. It was written by Chris Bowden.

Summary Edit

Ted Glen is about to do his 'chores' using his hovercraft, however it breaks and he sprains his ankle. Pat agrees to help complete the tasks by having radios so that Ted can give Pat instructions.Pat helps Reverend Timms at the church, Ajay at the station, and Alf Thompson to fix his tractor.

Meanwhile Charlie has made a radio, which he and Julian are playing with. Charlie and Julian go in search of a spy, mistaking Bill's radio show, Amy, and P.C Selby for spies. However, they become convinced there is one after hearing Pat and Ted's radio conversations.

They call on P.C. Selby to help catch the spy and track the spy to Thompson Ground. It is finally revealed that Pat was the spy and that there was no threat to Greendale.

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