Postman Pat's Island Shipwreck
Air Date 23rd March 2005
Previous Postman Pat and the Sneaky Sheep
Next Postman Pat and the Grand Custard Race
Postman Pat's Island Shipwreck is the twentieth episode of Postman Pat Season 4. It was written by Rebecca Stevens.

Summary Edit

The Clifton family and Meera hire a boat to spend the day on the island. Ted Glenn has also gone to the island to fish.

Pat forgets to bring the picnic lunch and the boat gets stuck in the mud. The family decide to make a campfire and toast the marshmallows that Pat brought, and the apples the children found.

Meanwhile Ted catches a large fish. However, when he leaves it to go put the rest of his stuff in the boat, Pat and the others find it and take the fish.

When Ted returns, he follows the footprints and eventually finds the others. Together Ted and Pat are able to get the boat free while Sara cooks the fish.

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