Postman Pat's Ice'Capade
Air Date 17th March 2006
Previous Postman Pat's Spy Mission
Next Postman Pat's Christmas Eve
Postman Pat's Ice'Capade is the twenty-seventh episode of Postman Pat Season 5. It was written by Rachel Dawson.

Summary Edit

It's a cold and snowy day in Greendale. The Greendale Rocket is broken and Ajay has been unable to collect the mail from Pencaster. As he fixes the water pipe, it spills all over the car park and freezes. The children then use it as their own ice rink.

Meanwhile Pat tries to find ways of melting the ice from people on his rounds. Ted Glen has created an 'automatic ice melting machine' and is able to get the ice off the rocket. The children then protest not to have the ice taken off the car park. The adults agree.

Meera desperately wants a skating partner but no one will agree to do it with her. Eventually, Pat agrees (after some encouragement from Ted) and the two skate together

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Cast Edit

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