This article is about the book. For the home video release, see Postman Pat's 123.

Postman Pat's 123 Story is 1985 children's learning book written by John Cunliffe and illustrated by Jane Hickson.


Pat helps Tom Pottage with his 1 to 10 by making him a new notebook of sums.


  • The three men going up a mountain that Pat draws in Tom's book on the page of number 3 are actually himself with Ted Glen and Peter Fogg.
  • The three naughty hens that tried to steal Pat's sandwiches to which Pat writes on the number 3 page is a reference to the lunch on the hill scene of the episode Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen.

Goofs Edit

  • In the picture of Tom showing the Reverend Timms and Pat his book, The Reverend Timms is missing his spectacles.

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