Residence: Greendale
Breed: Tuxedo Bicolour Cat
Owners: Matt Clifton

Polly is Matt Clifton's ships cat.


When Matt returned to Greendale from America to find the Greendale cup on the island, Polly was his ship's cat. She joined Matt on his quest and she became a close friend of Jess, when Matt met up with Pat again and invited him, Julian and Meera to help out with the treasure hunt.


She is very friendly and helpful towards her friends.



  • Postman Pat and the Pirate Treasure


  • All though Polly and Jess are the same breed of cat, the only parts of their appearances that set them apart from eachother are that Jess has green eyes and Polly's eyes are blue and their noses are both a different shade of pink. Polly also has a pink bow with a little bell attached, instead of a red collar like Jess.

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