Occupation: Robot Postman
Hair colour: Ginger
Owners: Edwin Carbunkle

The PATBOT 3000 is a robot copy of Postman Pat who appears in Postman Pat the Movie. The robots serve as the secondary antagonists despite resembling our hero. It is an updated version of Edwin Carbunkle's UDM 3000 (mark 1).


The PATBOT 3000 was the idea of Edwin Carbunkle, who wanted his robot postman to take over the Special Delivery Service. However, the early prototype was too scary. Then after Pat auditioned on "You're the One" and captured the hearts of the nation, Carbunkle then had all the UDM mark 1s revamped to resemble him and that became the PATBOT.

At first only one robot was needed (not to mention a JESSBOT to accompany it), to take over Pat's postal duties while he and Jess were away getting ready for the "You're the One" talent contest finals in London, but things turned awry as the robot instead caused havoc across Greendale in Pat's van and went out of control, committing a variety of crimes such as being rude to villagers, flagrantly disregarding traffic laws and ruining gardens.

Later on, when the villagers complained about Pat behaving in such a way, Carbunkle fired Ben, along with all the rest of the SDS staff. When the PATBOT told him to clear out his office, Ben was convinced that Pat did not want him anymore and the villagers lost their trust in their favourtie postman, not knowing he had been replaced. With Pat now a social outcast towards Greendale, Carbunkle deployed more robots in an attempt to take over the SDS and within time the world.

Wilf was also unaware of the PATBOT and tried to get back at Pat for stealing his stardom. When the PATBOT approached Wilf, he shielded himself with a magnet, which malfunctioned the robot. He also used it on the PATBOT that took Pat's place in at the talent show finals. Carbunkle's plan was exposed and Mr. Brown fired him from the Special Delivery Service.

The "You're the One" PATBOT joined Pat and his friends in the dance scene at the end of the movie, after Carbunkle was apprehended and Josh reprogrammed the robots with his games consoles.


These robots look very friendly at first, but soon start to do things that are not like Pat, developing into world domination plans.


The PATBOT 3000 appears in Postman Pat the Movie.



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