Mr. Brown
Occupation: Special Delivery Service
Hair colour: Brown

Mr. Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of the Special Delivery Service. He appears in Postman Pat the Movie.


As CEO of the SDS, Mr. Brown is the most senior staff member at the company and works with Edwin Carbunkle as his boss. He supports Pat Clifton throughout his run in the You're the One talent contest. He is also the only one who calls Carbunkle by his first name.

Mr. Brown is unaware of Carbunkle's devious plot to take over the SDS with robots until the end of the movie, where he, Pat, and Simon Cowbell are nearly killed by them. After Josh saves the day with his video games, Mr. Brown fires Carbunkle and all is forgiven, with the SDS finally returning to normal.


He is a kind father figure towards Pat in all situations.


  • Jim Broadbent


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