Michael Lam
Occupation: Mobile Shop Owner
Residence: Pencaster
Hair colour: Black

Michael Lam runs a mobile shop between Pencaster and Greendale.


Michael was born in China and later moved England, where he drives a mobile shop between Pencaster and Greendale which specialises in selling refreshments.

Outside his normal work time, Michael often gets involved with the activites at Greendale Primary School. When the school often does a Chinese themed activity, Michael is always willing to help out and impart his cultural routes into the project. He also helped out when Lauren Taylor turned the class room into a resturant for one evening.


He is always helpful, but he does tend to forget things and gets into a bit of a panic if he does. However his friends are always there to help him too and this calms him down straight away.


Michael is a mobile shop keeper which he drives himself.


He also appeared in Postman Pat the Movie.



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