Matt Clifton
Residence: USA
Hair colour: Reddish brown
Family: Pat Clifton (cousin)

Matt Clifton is Pat's cousin and Julian's first-cousin-once-removed.


Like his cousin Pat, Matt used to live in Greendale, England, but later moved with his parents to the USA. He lived in America that he soon lost his English accent.

Before the move, young Matt had an idea to make the Greendale Flower Show more exciting. He took the Greendale Cup from its cabinet at the school and burried it on the island, where he would set the villagers the challenge to follow a map to dig the cup up again. However before Matt put his plan into action, he got chicken pox and completely forgot about it until he moved to America with his family.

Since then, the Greendale Flower Show has never been the same with Greendale Cup missing. So as Matt got his chance, came back to Greendale to find the cup with the aid of his map. With the help of Pat, Julian, Meera, Jess and his ship's cat Polly, Matt set sail for the island dig up the Greendale cup. They were nearly unlucky, because Julian was more or less the same size as Matt would have been when he was his age, they finally found the cup and return to the villagers just in time for the flower show.


Matt always has a flare for adventure, but his plans can sometimes go astray. Thankfully with a little help from some kind friends, he is always able to put everything right.



  • Postman Pat and the Pirate Treasure



  • According to his postcard to Pat and his family, Matt mostly likely lives in the state of New York in the USA.
  • In a black and white flashback to when Matt hid the Greendale Cup, Julian's model was used to represent Matt as a child. 

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