Major Forbes
Residence: Garner Hall
Hair colour: White

Major Forbes was an old army major who lives at Garner Hall.


The Major used to be in the army. He also played the tuba in the regiments band, a talent he never lost and then passed onto Pat. He also keeps a bull, who once won first prize in the Greendale County Show.

He has a hobby of collecting toy soldiers which once got stolen and then hidden down a rabbit hole when the robbers got caught. Pat, Jess and George soon rediscovered the soldiers returned them to the Major.

The Major later decided to open Garner Hall. He also put on a film show at the school about his hot air ballooning adventure in Africa. When Greendale was once under the threat of what they thought was a beast, Major Forbes joined Pat to recapture it when it went into the church, but he made sure that the beast would not harm him by keeping well behind Pat. He also took part in the mystery tour and dress up in his suit of armour.

The Major once wondered if he would need to go to Pencaster for an eye test when he felt that the text in his newpaper was getting to small for him to read, but it was certainly clear that it was his hearing that was failing a bit. He now has a hearing aid, but he does not often have it turned up high for him to hear clearly. So when Pat calls at the Hall and the Major does not hear him ring the doorbell, Jess has to climb up onto the roof with his post and jump down the chimney to get it to him.


He often walks from person to person being ever military, but when faced with a dangerous situation, he can secretly be a little bit nervous.


Television Series


The Major also appeared in Postman Pat the Movie.