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This is a list of Postman Pat VHS and DVD releases in the UK so far.

Children's FavouritesEdit

  • Pat's Finding Day from BBC Television Children's Favourites - Released 1993
  • Pat and the Magpie Hen from Mixy Presents TV Favourites - Released 2002
  • Pat's Birthday from Children's Favourite Compilation - Released 1998, Children In Need Party For Pudsey - Released 1997, VHS Capture - Released 1986, NSPCC Children's TV Favourites - Released 1990 and My Best Friends - Released 1993
  • Pat's Rainy Day from My Best Friends Too - Released 1994
  • The Sheep in The Clover Field from Toybox Animal Adventures - Released 2000
  • Pat's Tractor Express from Toybox 1 (WHSmith Exclusive) - Released 2000
  • Pat's Thirsty Day from BBC Children's Collection - Released 1994 and Toybox Bumper Video - Released 1999
  • Pat's Windy Day from Children's Toybox Favourites - Released 2005
  • Pat's Foggy Day from Postman Pat and Company - Released 1991 and The Very Best of BBC Children's Favourites - Released 2002
  • Pat's Difficult Day from Toybox 4 - Released 1998
  • Pat Goes Sledging from Postman Pat and Friends - Released 1989 and Toybox Christmas Video - Released 1999
  • Letters On Ice from Postman Pat and Company - Released 1991 and The Best of Pre-School Favourites - Released 2002
  • Postman Pat Takes a Message from ABC For Kids Favourites - Released 1997
  • Postman Pat Takes the Bus from BBC Children's 1st Video - Released 1991
  • Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers from BBC Toybox Children's Friends - Released 2005
  • Postman Pat and the Tuba from BBC Children's Musical Video: Practice Makes Perfect Introducing the Dinobabies - Released 1996
  • Postman Pat and the Barometer from BBC Toybox Children's Favourites - Released 2004
  • Postman Pat and the Hole in the Road from Calling all Toddlers - Released 1999 and BBC Children's Favourites free with Toybox Magazine Volume 2 - Released 2002
  • Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour from ABC For Kids Bumper Collection - Released 1999
  • Postman Pat In a Muddle from Toybox 2 (WHSmith Exclusive) - Released 2000
  • Postman Pat Misses The Show from The Best of Children's BBC Introducing Oakie Doke - Released 1996
  • Postman Pat Follows a Trail from BBC Children's Favourites free the Toybox Magazine Volume 4 - Released 2005
  • Postman Pat Has the Best Village from Calling all Toddlers 2 - Released 2002 and Toybox New Toybox - Released 2001
  • Postman Pat Paints the Ceiling from BBC Children's Favourites from Toybox - Released 2004
  • Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels from BBC Children's Favourites free with Toybox Magazine Volume 1 - Released 2000
  • Postman Pat and the Big Surprise from Toybox from the BBC - Released 2001
  • Postman Pat and the Robot from ABC For Kids Mixy Presents More Favourites - Released 1998
  • Postman Pat Takes Flight from BBC Children's Favourites free with Toybox Magazine Volume 5 - Released 2006
  • Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale from BBC Toybox Friends - Released 2003
  • Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour from BBC Children's Favourites free with Toybox Magazine Volume 3 - Released 2004

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