Ivor Wood
Ivor Wood
 (born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK, May 4th, 1932) was an animator and the founder of Woodland Animations.

His career first took off whilst he was living in France during the 1960's when he animated the popular television show "The Magic Roundabout". He then went on to direct "The Herbs" and "The Adventures of Parsley".

During the 1970's, he and his wife set up Woodland Animations to animate various television shows for the BBC and he made his name very well known whilst animating and directing the television series of "The Wombles" and "Paddington" for FilmFair.

In the early 1980's Ivor Wood scored a massive hit when he produced and directed the television series of Postman Pat for the rest of the 20th century. He helped to provide the storyline for Postman Pat and the Tuba. His company also produced many other television shows like "Gran", "Bertha" and Charlie Chalk".

In 2001 when the franchise was celebrating its 20th anniversary, Ivor Wood sold the rights of "Postman Pat" to Entertainment Rights, which soon brought newly revamped episodes back to the television screens in 2003. Ivor later died on October 13th, 2004, aged 72. His ashes were scattered in Paris, France where his career had first taken off.

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