Residence: Greendale
Breed: Chickens
Owners: Julia Pottage
Alf Thompson
Dorothy Thompson
George Lancaster
Rebecca Hubbard
Arthur Selby

 The Hens often appeared around the farms of Greendale between Seasons 1 and 2.

The Magpie Hen

When Dorothy Thompson's hens stole Pat's lunch, one particular black hen also took his van keys a nest high up in a tree, even most hens live on the ground. Pat and Dorothy get a ladder to rescue the keys and found a whole variety of shiny objects which only magpies ever collect, earning the thieving hen the title of the Magpie Hen.



Other Hens

Alf and Dorothy Thompson's Hens

One of Alf and Dorothy's hens stole one of Pat's sandwiches whilst he was asleep during his lunch break.

George Lancaster's Prize Hens

George Lancaster is one of the most famous chicken farmers in Greendale, thanks to his special prize hens who are locally regarded as "Champion Layers". On Pat's birthday, George gave him two dozen of his hen's eggs as a present and another dozen for the school which Pat delivered for him.

During the summer, George gave some eggs to the campers near Southland's Farm. When Pat delivered the eggs for George, he later discovered that one George's hens had sneaked into the van and layed another egg. Pat promised that he would take the hen back to George the next day, but he kept her egg and had it for his tea.

George's prize hens nearly once became under threat from a fox. When a sudden fall of snow came to Greendale, Pat and George saw the fox's paw prints and the threat came to light. Pat warned George keep his hens safely locked away.

Julia Pottage's Hens

Once when the school held a display of home grown produce, Julia Pottage's son Tom brought in some of her hen's day-old chicks.

Arthur Selby's Hens

P.C. Selby keeps hens in his back garden. During the school's display of home grown produce, Arthur's daughter Lucy brought in a basket of the hen's eggs.

Rebecca Hubbard's Hens

Miss Hubbard has also been known to keep hens in the garden of her cottage.


  • Only two hen models have ever appeared on the screen in the television series.


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