Hello Children Everywhere: Top BBC Children's Tunes is a 1998 Children's Theme Tune CD by Koch Records and BBC Worldwide Ltd.


  1. Postman Pat
  2. Blue Peter ("Barnacle Bill")
  3. Bertha
  4. Fireman Sam
  5. Heads & Tails
  6. Chigley
  7. Henry's Cat
  8. Jim'll Fix It
  9. Mop & Smiff ("Two Of A KInd")
  10. Play Away
  11. Ragtime
  12. Trumpton
  13. Rubovia
  14. Camberwick Green ("The Music Box")
  15. SuperTed
  16. Record Breakers
  17. Toytown ("Parade Of The Tin Soldiers")
  18. Swap Shop ("Hello Hello")
  19. Willo The Wisp
  20. Roobarb & Custard
  21. The Magic Roundabout

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