George Tarry is an episode writer of Postman Pat. He has also written for shows like "Rainbow", "Thomas & Friends", "Kipper" and "Percy the Park Keeper". Outside of this work, he works as a primary school teacher, specialising in music.


Season 3Edit

  • Postman Pat the Magician
  • Postman Pat and the Big Butterflies
  • Postman Pat and the Rocket Rescue

Season 4Edit

  • Postman Pat and the Tricky Transport Day
  • Postman Pat and the Playful Pets
  • Postman Pat and the Runaway Train
  • Postman Pat and the Magic Lamp
  • Postman Pat's Missing Things

Season 5Edit

  • Postman Pat Gets Stuck
  • Postman Pat and the Double Disguise


  • Postman Pat Clowns Around

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