Edwin Carbunkle
Occupation: Special Delivery Service
Hair colour: Blonde

Edwin Carbunkle is the main antagonist of Postman Pat the Movie.


Edwin Carbunkle works for the Special Delivery Service and for a long time has a had a devious plot to have his robotic delivery man take over the service.

Carbunkle's early prototypes of his robot did not go down well because they looked so scary and dangerous from the first glance. However when the Greendale village postman Pat Clifton soon started to become very popular in the public eye because of his fame on the TV talent show "You're the One", Carbunkle saw his chance to put his plan into action. He redesigned one of his early prototype models of his robot postman with iron plating and called it the PATBOT 3000 which looked exactly like Pat; Carbunkle also made a robotic version of Jess aswell to match and each PATBOT had a copy of Pat's mail delivery vehicles.

Carbunkle's aim was to have the PATBOTs replace all postman, but he also programed them to make sure that the real Pat did not ruin his plans.


He is very cunning and determined to have his schemes for developing the future succeed by any means, even destructive ones.


  • Peter Woodward