Charlie's Telescope
Air Date 7th October 2008
Previous A Bouncy Castle
Next Fruit Bats
Charlie's Telescope is the seventh episode of Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service and Season 6. It was first shown on Tuesday 7th October 2008 and was written by Gerard Foster.


A comet is going to fly over Greendale Peak and Pat has to deliver a telescope to Charlie so that he can see it close up.



  • PAT 1
  • PAT 5
  • SCHOOL 1
  • The Panda Car
  • The Pencaster Flyer
  • PAT 2 (diagram)


  • Greendale
  • Pat's House
  • Post Office
  • Greendale Station
  • The Church
  • Ted's Mill
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Greendale Peak
  • Pencaster
  • Sorting Office
  • Ted's Garage
  • River Penn


  • Lewis MacLeod as Pat, Ben and the Sat Nav
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess
  • Carol Boyd as Sara and Charlie
  • Janet James as Julian and Lauren
  • Angela Griffin as Lizzy
  • Ken Barrie as Ted
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Ajay
  • Archie Panjabi as Nisha and Meera


  • The colours on Julian's hat and scarf are those of Aston Villa Football Club supporters.


  • Lauren is incorrectly depicted behind the counter of the station cafe instead Sara, so an enormous continuity error occurs when we hear her toot the bus' horn, see her behind the counter in the cafe and then see her standing next to the bus in the next scene.
  • Every time Pat consults his watch, it is not on his wrist.
  • The transitions are missing in the SDS ident between Pat driving over the level crossing and arriving in the station car park.
  • If the signal is poor on Pat's phone, it surely will not be any better on the Sat Nav either.
  • Pat cannot over take a comet.
  • Lizzy, Lauren, Meera and Julian count down 60 seconds, but when they finish, it is 79 seconds later.


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