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Calling All Toddlers 2
 is a video compilation of various children's programmes. It was released on 12th August 2002.


  1. The Tweenies - Fizz's Scrapbook
  2. Spot - Spot's Band
  3. Postman Pat Has The Best Village
  4. Rolie Polie Olie - Pappy's Boat
  5. Brum and the Airport Adventure
  6. MacDonald's Farm - Springtime on the Farm
  7. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Thomas Train
  8. Maisy - Maisy's Train
  9. Angelmouse Copycat Chick
  10. Bill & Ben - The Big Sleep
  11. Kipper - The Key
  12. Yoho Ahoy - Paint with Booty
  • The music used during the opening titles of the video comes from Sooty's Amazing Adventures which is not part of this release.
  • The information on the inside cover of this video says that Postman Pat has the Best Village is copyrighted by Woodland Animations Ltd 2002. But that episode was made in 1996.

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