Bernie is a parrot which features in Pat's Special Delivery: Bernie the Parrot


Bernie was found in the market square and had flown 50 miles from the Parrot sanctuary he originated. Pat is required to deliver him to the local vet, Amy Wrigglesworth, before he can then go home.

He also really likes bananas and Pat has to travel around Pencaster and Greendale to try and find him some.

While being delivered, Bernie escapes and causes trouble by riding the Pencaster Flyer and a skateboard. He also ends up on a boat and has to be rescued.

Bernie repeats much of what the characters say. Julian also continually sees him throughout the day, but none of the other children believe him because Parrots aren't usually found in Greendale.

Bernie also has a song devoted to him, the "Bernie the Parrot" song.

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