Ben Taylor
Occupation: Manager for Pencaster Sorting Office
Residence: Pencaster
Family: Lauren Taylor (wife)
Lizzy Taylor (daughter)

Ben Taylor is in charge of the Special Delivery Service in Pencaster.


After Pat made his mark with the Royal Mail in Greendale, Ben invited him to be the postman of his Special Delivery Service. When Pat takes out the deliveries in one of the services many vehicles, Ben keeps track of them on his computer to make sure they get to their destinations and that the mission is a complished.

Although the Special Delivery Service are mainly asigned to Pat, Ben often uses PAT 6 to load up the special deliveries and will drive some of the other vehicles if needed.

His wife Lauren is a school teacher at Greendale School and their daughter is Lizzy.

When Edwin Carbunkle made PATBOT 3000 take over everything to do with post in Pencaster and Greendale, Ben lost his job. Then whilst wandering the streets of Greendale without a day's work to go to, he suddenly became very suspicious about how more than one Pat seemed to be rushing around in the vans at dangerous speeds. Ben hopped onto his motor bike and he and Jess went to spy on the sorting office. When he saw what Carbunkle's devious scheme was, Ben told Sara and the two of them rallied all the locals of Greendale together and they all went over to London to support the real Postman Pat and show that no robot could replace his true good nature.

Ben once made himself a special delivery by dressing himself up as the superhero Blue Flash for storytime at the school. On the way he took his role too seriously.


He is very caring, euthusiastic and very keen on modern technology.


Ben is the general manager of the Special Delivery Service sorting office in Pencaster.


  • PAT 2 (SDS Lorry)
  • PAT 3 (SDS Helicopter)
  • PAT 4 (SDS Post Van)
  • PAT 5 (SDS Motorbike and Sidecar)
  • PAT 6 (SDS Forklift Truck)
  • PAT 7 (PAT OFF ROAD 4+4)


As the second main character of Postman Pat Speical Delivery Service, Ben has appeared in every episode of the series since the begining of Season 6. He also appeared Postman Pat the Movie.


  • Lewis MacLeod (Television Series)
  • T.J. Ramini (Movie)