A Wobbly Piano
Air Date 15th October 2008
Previous A Speedy Car
Next A Slippy Ice Cube
A Wobbly Piano is the thirteenth episode of Postman Pat Season 6. It was first broadcast on Wednesday 15th October 2008. It was written by Laura Summers.

Summary Edit

Pat needs to deliver a piano for Lizzy's first ever concert. However, the van gets a puncture. While transferring it to Ted's lorry, it rolls away. They then decide to move it by trolley along the train line. It gets taken on the final leg of the journey by Amy's pony Pumpkin.

Lizzy is very nervous about playing, especially since she has not had enough time to practice. But this is eventually overcome by Pat being on stage with her to turn the music sheets.

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  • The title of the episode is rather misleading as at no point does the piano have a wobble.
  • Just stopping for cows does not cause one to get a puncture.
  • As Pat suggests using a trailer to tow the piano, a bit of fluff suddenly appears on the ground and jumps closer and closer to Pat's shoes.
  • Through out the shots where Lizzy is pretending to have come out in spots, the amount of spots on her face keeps changing
  • Ted's trailer would not be able to stay on the rails whilst its rubber tyres were still attached.
  • When Pat and Ted pass through Greendale Station, neither Sara, Nisha or Mrs. Goggins move the lips when they speak.
  • Amy says "Come on, Pumpkin, that's it." without moving her lips.
  • When the piano is delivered to the school, Amy's jacket diappears.


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