A Wind Machine
Air Date 1st October 2008
Previous A Tepee
Next Crazy Robots
A Wind Machine is the third episode of Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service and Season 6. It was first shown on Wednesday 1st October 2008 and was written by Kirstie Falkous.


Pat has to deliver a wind machine to Ted.



  • PAT 1
  • PAT 2
  • PAT 3
  • PAT 6
  • SCHOOL 1
  • Michael's Mobile Shop


  • Greendale
  • Ted's Mill
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Thompson Ground
  • Pencaster
  • Sorting Office
  • Town Hall
  • Pencaster Market Square
  • Pencaster Harbour
  • Pencaster Station
  • Ted's Garage
  • River Penn


  • Lewis MacLeod as Pat and Ben
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess
  • Janet James as Julian, Lauren and Lucy
  • Angela Griffin as Lizzy
  • Ken Barrie as Ted and Alf
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill and Michael
  • Archie Panjabi as Meera
  • Carole Boyd as Sarah and Charlie


  • Some of the magazines that fly onto Pat's van window are "Captain Zzapp" comics.


  • When Pat arrives at the sorting office, PAT 3 has clearly been digitally added in.
  • When Pat loads the wind machine with PAT 6, PAT 1 and PAT 2 have changed places.
  • Pat's delivery tracker takes longer to react to Pat's sudden stop in front of the fallen tree.
  • The only other way around the fallen tree to get to Ted's mill is on a dirt track crossing Alf's land, but when Pat is driving along with the wind machine powering the van, he is back on the main road.
  • The van cannot just stop working just because it gets hit by a broken gate. The gate did not even damage the van.


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