A Slippy Ice Cube
Air Date 16th October 2008
Previous A Wobbly Piano
Next A Magic Jewel
A Slippy Ice Cube is the fourteenth episode of Postman Pat Season 6. It was first broadcast on Thursday 16th October 2008. It was written by Rebecca Stevens.

Summary Edit

A Chinese festival is being organised by Michael Lam in the village. Postman Pat has to deliver an enormous ice cube for him as the central display. However, Pat leaves the door of the van open and the ice cube falls out. With the help of Alf and P.C. Selby the cube is eventually put back in the van.

Pat is then given a police escort so the ice cube can arrive before 12 'o'clock.

However they discover that there was a mix up as Michael actually ordered an ice sculpture of a Chinese dragon. Pat, Alf and Lauren save the day by creating a sculpture of Jess.

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  • When Pat pulls into the sorting office, PAT 2 and PAT 3 suddenly appear even though they were not in the previous shot.
  • Pat worries about ice melting, yet it should have melted long before he had arrived to collect it.
  • Micheal incorrected pronounces Sara's name as it is spelt.
  • When Pat is ready to leave the sorting office, PAT 1 and PAT 2 have swapped places.
  • In the shot when Pat tries to push the ice cube, his voice does not sound so Cumbrian.


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