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ABC For Kids Bumper Collection is a VHS that features one second season episode of Postman Pat. It was released on Monday April 12, 1999.

Description Edit

All the biggest names from ABC for Kids have come together in this BUMPER video!

Get ready for loads of singing and laughter as ABC for Kids beats out the best of children's entertainment in an hour and a half bonanza of belly-laughs. It was released on Monday April 12, 1999.

Released DateEdit

  • Australian VHS Release: Monday April 12, 1999 (101899)

ABC for Kids Bumper Collection (Video). It was released on Monday April 12, 1999 on Australian VHS Release (101899).


  • Bananas in Pyjamas - Invisible Bananas & Teddy Chase
  • Postman Pat - Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour
  • Brum - The Kite
  • Spot - Where's Spot? & Spot Follows His Nose
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - Thomas Comes to Breakfast & Four Little Engines
  • Blinky Bill - Hey Hey Blinky Bill, Whistle Song & Earthquake
  • Pingu - Pingu as a Chef & Pingu as a Babysitter
  • Little Bear - Party at Owl's House


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